Stop, Drop and (Foam) Roll

The use of foam rollers for the purpose of reducing muscle tension has become a widely accepted practice by athletes because it offers many of the same benefits as a professional sports massage. Regular foam rolling before and after your training sessions will help prepare your muscles for the work ahead and also help with post muscle recovery.

Don't Dread The Tread(mill)

Many people think of treadmills as monotonous. It's dubbed the "dreadmill" for a reason. However, the treadmill can provide some extremely efficient, challenging, and effective calorie-burning workouts with a decent amount of variety that you'll never get bored. Furthermore, the treadmill can help you become a stronger, faster runner, cyclist and multisport athlete by improving your endurance, power, and speed especially when heading outside to run is not an option.

Du Ride Safely

The rules to a USAT-sanctioned event are simple. Knowing the rules can not only help you avoid penalties, but also avoid potential accidents. Furthermore, adhering to the rules allows you to perform to the best of your abilities in a safe manner and fully enjoy the sport.